Having a hard time paying those bills? Have you recently been laid off and are looking for ways to cut corners? Are you struggling to afford your monthly expenses? If so, why not consider saving a little extra money every month? While it may seem impossible, saving money is actually pretty easy. To understand how, here are 10 ways which can help you save extra money every month:

10. Eat Out Less

Recent studies show the average US household spends approximately 5.5% of their monthly income on dining out. This means that on an average each household spends nearly $176 each month on eating out. While it may seem impossible to not eat out at least once or twice a month, especially if you have to host someone for dinner, consider planning something at home. This way, you can save up to $35 each month, which means savings of $420 every year.

9. Cut Your Home Phone Bills

Due to the rise in the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies, there may be no need to keep your home phone. So, cancel your home phone service altogether and consider using your cell phone service only. This way, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. If you feel you do need a home telephone, consider looking for a package which isn’t expensive and cancel out extra options, such as caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail. Contact your cable company since they often offer discounted deals for home phone lines.

8. Make a Shopping List and Stick To It

Making money is like filling a bucket with water and expenses are the leaks. Usually, people end up buying things they do not need, so make a shopping list of all the things you require and don’t deviate from it.

7. Downsize Your Car

What’s the point of driving a gas-guzzling SUV when there are plenty more fuel-efficient vehicles available on the market? Ask yourself a simple question: how much do you spend on gas on a monthly basis? If you’re spending too much, consider downsizing your car for a more fuel-efficient one. This way, you can save hundreds of dollars each month on fuel.

6. Bring Your Lunch to Work

Why spend money on lunch every day when you can bring food with you to work? At a minimum, an average person spends about $5 per lunch, which means $25 per week or perhaps $100 per month. So, if you have children going to school and pay for their lunch, consider making them a homemade lunch, and take your lunch to work as well.

5. Stop a Bad Habit

Are you a smoker? If so, then quit. It’s better for your health and can save you a ton of money. Did you know a person who smokes a pack everyday spends nearly $2,200 annually? So, kick the cigarette habit or any other bad habit you have. Do you drink a lot of sodas? Stop and drink more water instead.

4. Use Generic Brands

There is no explanation needed here. You probably already know the amount of money you spend on designer labels and products from well-known brands. Think about the savings if you buy the less expensive can of vegetables vs. the fancy brand, it all comes from the same source. So, think of areas to go generic, and you will be surprised at how much money you can save every month.

3. Lower Your Utility Bills

There aren’t many ways you can save on your local utilities other than cutting back on how much you use them each day. For every degree you turn down your heat, you will save 3% on heating bills each month. Consider using the air conditioner less in the summer and turn down the temperature on your water heater. These are all good ways to lower your utility bills and can save you $30 or more each month.

2. Save Your Change

While this may sound a little silly, it nevertheless proves to be a great way to save money every month. How is that possible? In some ways it’s like found cash. So, as soon as you reach home, make sure to dump any loose change in a jar. If you do this on a daily basis, you can save a lot of money every month.

1. Do Your Own Maintenance

If you are the do-it-yourself kind of a person, you probably do know how much money you can save by not calling repairmen to fix common household problems. If you are not, try improving your skills to tackle household repairs. There are plenty of videos on the internet that demonstrate ways to fix a myriad of household problems. You May save up to $100 each month or more by doing things yourself.

So, now that you are familiar with the above mentioned ways, saving extra money every month won’t be a problem.